Amanita Designs

I love the style that the team at Amanita Design has created. A very surreal and magical world. My friends have described it as creepy and disturbing. I describe it as breathtaking and beautiful.

Amanita Design studio was established in 2003, it’s currently located in the Czech Republic. Although the team is very small they have proven that they could create great things! Like flash games, a book, a movie and a couple of websites.

I most definitely recommend checking out and playing some of the free flash games!

Oh, and don’t forget to bask in Amanita Designs beautiful work!



Jessica Doyle

The very first artist I’m going to blog about has been blessed with an amazingly vivid imagination. She has been through an abusive teen relationship which fortunately ended at the age of 19, she has been through a synthetic drug addiction and poverty.
She has cleaned herself up and has been chemical free for six years.

This artists’ name is Jessica Doyle.

I want to live in her whimsical artwork; it’s like music to my eyes.

Enjoy a couple of her amazing pieces; I will include links to her personal website/blog as well as her Etsy page.

Jessica at

Jessica’s home site: